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NIELNon-Ionizing Energy Loss
NIELNorthern Ireland Environment Link (est. 1990; UK)
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It was a large garden, only half cultivated, with bushes, as big as summer-houses, of Marshal Niel roses, lime and orange trees, clumps of bamboos, and thickets of high grass.
Madam, I dare you to smile until you suffer this test: Let the Marechal Niel roses that Percy brought you on the night you gave him your heart be served as a salad with French dressing before your eyes at a Schulenberg
But Iliad believes its bid faceds fewer antitrust issues than Sprint's, so Niel thinks he has an advantage in the talks, said multiple sources close to the deal.
I thought the Niel was the strongest of the three trials and I expect him to come forward from there.
Working around his fulltime job, Niel has written the first of what he hopes will be a three-part series aimed at children aged 10 and above.
The announcement of the stake sale came amid market rumours that a group of investors, including Xavier Niel, will submit a bid in a tender for a new mobile telephony licence in Israel.
Niel, who is a professional photographer and lives with his wife and young daughter in Penistone, has been taking pictures since he was a boy.
Niel is part of a consortium bidding for the Left- leaning newspaper, and he's in distinguished company -- the other members are fashion tycoon Pierre Berge ( partner of the late Yves Saint- Laurent) and banker Matthieu Pigasse.
The Prix Niel has been the stand-out race for unearthing the winner of the Arc.
Now Niel 's company, Qurios Entertainment, in Hartlepool , which employs a team of eight specialist animators and this year has doubled in size to a pounds 300,000 turnover, has taken on the idea and hopes to develop it into a pounds 2m cartoon series.
Although this year's Niel, run over the Arc course and distance, was run at an almost unbelievably slow gallop Sulamani did show smart winning pace in the closing stages, at least confirming his condition.
The Niel is one of three key Arc trials on BBC2, with Guadalupe (2.