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NIFNational Ignition Facility
NIFNew Israel Fund
NIFNorges Idrettsforbund (Norwegian sports organization)
NIFNumero de Identificación Fiscal (Spain)
NIFNational Islamic Front (Sudan)
NIFNational Innovation Foundation (India)
NIFNational Issues Forum (various locations)
NIFNeuroscience Information Framework (neuroscience resources network)
NIFNote Issuance Facility
NIFNegative Inspiratory Force
NIFNational Immigration Forum
NIFNational Insurance Fund (Great Britain)
NIFNational Investment Fund (Poland)
NIFNetImmerse File
NIFNotation Interchange File
NIFNot In File
NIFNavy Industrial Fund
NIFNeighbor Information Frame (FDDI)
NIFNetwork Integration Facility
NIFNetwork Interface Function
NIFNeutral International Force (in Rwanda)
NIFNetwork Initialization File
NIFNavy Inactive Fleet
NIFNordic Industrial Fund (Denmark)
NIFNative IP Forwarding
NIFNATO Interoperability Framework
NIFNoise Improvement Factor
NIFNational Iota Foundation
NIFNATO Interface Facility
NIFNetwork Information Flow
NIFNon-Industrial Facilities
NIFNo Indirect Fire
NIFNuclear Information File
NIFNot Industrially Funded
NIFNorges Sivilingeniorers Forening
NIFNever In Field
NIFNo Intelligent Friends
NIFNon-Invasive Flow Study
NIFNCOIC (Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium) Interoperability Framework
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Manhasset, New York-based NIF maintains six offices located on the east and west coasts of the US.
Just last month, NIF organized a speaking tour for Burg in Palo Alto touting him as a leader of their International Council.
Reporting to the NIF&PS Principal Associate Director, the NIF Director is a key member of the directorate's senior leadership team supporting the strategic goals of the Laboratory.
Additionally, the beam-to-beam uniformity was within 1 percent, making NIF not only the highest energy laser of its kind but the most precise and reproducible.
Established in 1955, NIF Ispat Ltd formerly known as Nandikeshwari Iron Foundry (P) Limited is one of the pioneers and leading manufacturers and exporters of cast iron products.
Im Tirtzu had previously used words like "fifth column," "traitors" and "Israel haters" to describe NIF and had accused the organization of "training lawyers to charge Israel with war crimes.
El proceso de convergencia de las NIF dio su primer paso en el momento que el CID (Comite para la Investigacion y el Desarrollo) comparo los principios de contabilidad de otros paises con los principios propios de Mexico con el fin de identificar similitudes pero en, especial, determinar las diferencias para ser analizadas y asi dar paso al desarrollo de las NIF, siguiendo un proceso contencioso de analisis, conciliacion y auscultacion.
In 2008, the NIF funded among others projects like the renovation of a hospital and the rehabilitation of roads facilitating communication and trade in Moldova, the building of renewable energy power plants in Egypt or the construction of transmission lines in Georgia improving energy interconnectivity and security.
NIF Chester beat Newcastle by nine points or more they will be crowned BBL league champions.
said Friday their respective venture capital units, NIF Ventures Co.
NIF Weather Risk Management of Manhasset, New York is offering a new series of financial weather products to protect against a range of severe weather in all 50 states.
The acquisition is aimed at supporting the buyout of the major rent-a-car company by its executives, NIF said.