NIFANational Intercollegiate Flying Association
NIFANational Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA)
NIFANebraska Investment Finance Authority
NIFANuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (Pakistan)
NIFANew International Financial Architecture (political science)
NIFANorth Idaho Farmers’ Association
NIFANational Institute of First Assisting, Inc. (Denver, Colorado)
NIFANorth Iowa Fair Association (Mason City, IA)
NIFANorthern Ireland Football Association
NIFANational Institute of Finance and Accounts (India)
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He also informed that NIFA has recently prepared a repellent for white fly which has shown good results, but needs time to reach all the farmers.
Two more EETS were funded in 2016 to work with NIFA on two program priorities: evaluating completed projects, and assisting less experienced applicants.
NIFA, working under PAEC and based in KP province, is an authentic institute for research in food and agriculture.
Joining NIFA as a founding member, CRF has been actively participating in drafting rules and regulations for industry self-discipline and expects that the official release of such rules and regulations will facilitate development of the industry.
NIFA will train official of UET Peshawar in maintenance periodic forking and watering, after which UET Peshawar will be responsible for maintenance.
Representatives from ARS, APHIS, NIFA, state departments of agriculture, and citrus industry members were present to support the process and reinforce the need for a coordinated approach to planning.
The IRS applies the term compliance period only to the first 15 years; however, in Nebraska, NIFA uses the term compliance period to indicate the whole period that the LURA is in effect, which may be 30 years or more.
Through its Agricultural and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), NIFA will disburse approximately $262 million in competitive grants for the coming federal fiscal year; that amount could rise to $384 million in the year to follow.
The gait deviations, which show no differences between NIFA and CPIFA groups and significant differences between these groups when compared to the TD children, can be interpreted as possible cause of IFA.
NIFA was established to improve the oversight, administration, and execution of competitive research grants at USDA.
The mission of the NIFA is to stimulate and fund the research and technological innovations that will enhance and make American agriculture more productive and environmentally sustainable while ensuring the economic viability of agriculture and production.
Deputy Speaker of upper house, Syed Hamid Gillani and a member of NIFA, in his latest interview with PAN said "NIFA stance is based on negotiating with political analysts before announcing their candidate for elections.