NIFBNorthern Illinois Food Bank (est. 1983)
NIFBNorthern Ireland Fire Brigade
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7 million pounds of meat, to both NIFB and GCFD in 2007 alone.
The Northern Illinois Food Bank and Feeding America(TM), a national anti-hunger advocacy organization, reported in a 2010 Hunger Study that NIFB provides food for an estimated 502,400 people annually, an increase of 168% from 2006.
NIFB has grown tremendously in the past 27 years - distributing more than 27.
NIFB relies on the Avnet team to arrive on Tuesday evenings with its special enthusiasm and spirit - they always manage to walk through our doors with smiles on their faces, which isn't an easy thing to do after a long day at work," said Shannon Thompson, promotions manager at NIFB.