NIFBNorthern Illinois Food Bank (est. 1983)
NIFBNorthern Ireland Fire Brigade
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The Northern Illinois Food Bank's mission is to help solve hunger in the communities we serve," stated Dylan Mooney, Community Engagement Ambassador at Northern Illinois Food Bank, who accepted the donation on behalf of the organization during a brief ceremony at the NIFB offices in Geneva, Illinois.
The Northern Illinois Food Bank and Feeding America(TM), a national anti-hunger advocacy organization, reported in a 2010 Hunger Study that NIFB provides food for an estimated 502,400 people annually, an increase of 168% from 2006.
NIFB has grown tremendously in the past 27 years - distributing more than 27.
NIFB acquires, gathers, handles, and distributes donated, government, and purchased food to more than 61,600 different people each week through local food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, youth activity centers and other food assistance sites.
NIFB relies on the Avnet team to arrive on Tuesday evenings with its special enthusiasm and spirit - they always manage to walk through our doors with smiles on their faces, which isn't an easy thing to do after a long day at work," said Shannon Thompson, promotions manager at NIFB.
Although we have been compared to Lucy and Ethel sorting chocolates on I Love Lucy or the Michelin tire mascot in our volunteer t-shirts, Avnet's Chicago team enjoys its work at NIFB and leaves looking forward to the next time," said Pat Lyons, the Avnet Electronics Marketing account manager who initially organized Avnet's volunteer efforts at NIFB.
NIFB handles and distributes donated, government, and purchased food to more than 61,600 different people each week.
CONTACT: Hayley Puffer of FOX TV, +1-312-565-5568; or Dawn Pelc of FBNI, +1-219-980-1777; or Bob Dolgan of GCFD, +1-773-843-7293; or Jarrod Daab of NIFB, +1-630-443-6910; or Karen May of Jewel-Osco, +1-630-948-6895
CONTACT: Wanda Wells of FOX TV, +1-312-565-5568; or Miguel Alba of Jewel-Osco, +1-630-948-6895; or Bob Dolgan of GCFD, +1-773-843-7293; or Jarrod Daabb of NIFB, +1-630-443-6910; or Dawn Pelc of FBNI, +1-219-980-1777; or Barbara Shreves of PAFB, +1-309-671-3906
7 million pounds of meat, to both NIFB and GCFD in 2007 alone.
Jewel-Osco has made a strong commitment to support hunger relief," said Keith Nielsen, president of Jewel-Osco, and a vice president on the executive committee at NIFB.
DreamMakers have forged relationships with the YMCA, El Hogar, NIFB, Vital Bridges, Hinsdale Humane Society, The Clinic, Jennings Terrace and Aurora Public Library.