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The 1st Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) 2018 will provide a platform for such good narratives to be screened, and will chose the best amongst them.
And also local born actor/ producer and now partner of mine Craig Conway in both the film festival and a new film production company born as a direct result of NIFF 2018, 54 Films.
Businesswoman Jacqui Miller, president of the festival, said: "The first NIFF was a huge success and has firmly put Newcastle on the world stage when it comes to recognising independent film-making based on the three HIT principles of honesty, integrity and transparency.
The NIFF Film Society meets one Tuesday a month at Silverspot Cinema, Mercato; see website for schedule.
There was a good smell, which might seem an odd thing to say but lots of restaurants have a nasty niff.
Desperate to stop the nasty niff, villagers have made 87 calls, and written 43 e-mails to the authorities.
HORNER David Will miss you Davey (Rocky) from your twin Stevie (Niff).
Yes, you've guessed it, there really is a nasty niff in the air.
Not as niff of a holiday home in Wales from Deeside to St Davids is there?