NIFSNational Institute for Fusion Science (Japan)
NIFSNational Institute for Fitness and Sport (Indianapolis, IN)
NIFSNear Infrared Integral Field Spectrograph
NIFSNagoya International Friendship Society (Japan)
NIFSNational Institute for Farm Safety, Inc.
NIFSNational Institute of Floricultural Science (Japan)
NIFSNATO Integrated Financial System
NIFSNorsk Institutt for Selvutvikling
NIFSNon-Invasive Flow Studies (peripheral vascular circulatory test)
NIFSNoddes Interface Subsystem
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Whether you are new to triathlons or have done a few in the past, the NIFS training program offers three different skill level training plans to ensure that you are training appropriately for the race.
B) Phylogeny of concatenated sequences of 7 MLST housekeeping loci (c/pX, nifS, pepX, pyrG, recG, rplB, uvrA).
2009 NAS Report, but the committee called NIFS "the greatest hope
High-Level Follow-up Dialogue of NIFS under auspices of development agencies at international forum has also taken place.
Dean, "Cysteine desulfurase activity indicates a role for NIFS in metallocluster biosynthesis," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.
[7] reported the findings using OCT and NIFS with IVUS for patients with ISR, finding the total lipid core burden index and the density of lipid core burden index (34 versus 9, P < 0.001;144 versus 26,P < 0.001,resp.) to be higher in DES than in BMS.
of a centralized National Institute of Forensic Science (NIFS).
The Borrelia MLST scheme is based on amplification, sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis of internal fragments of eight housekeeping genes (clpA, clpX, nifS, pepX, pyrG, rplB, recG, and uvrA) 7].
This type of problem is known as no-idle flow shop (NIFS), and occurs when the time for preparation or the cost of using the machine are relatively high, considering that to turn it on or to prepare it more times than the necessary provokes a costly process.
Here the authors add adaptive optics (AO) corrected Gemini NIFS integral field spectroscopy to the SAURON+Mitchell Spectrograph dataset discussed above.