NIFUNorwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (Oslo, Norway)
NIFUNorthern Ireland Fencing Union (UK)
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NIFU director Sveinung Skule said: 'The access to world data will provide new opportunities for analysing the results of research in the form of scientific publishing.
Herstad Sverre,Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU), Norway
"A recent review has taken place of NIFU business and it has been decided that in order to provide best value for taxpayers' money it will relocate the work from Newcastle to other units.
According to a report compiled by the Norwegian Institute for Research and Higher Education (NIFU), non-Western immigrants with higher education have twice as high risk of becoming unemployed in Norway after graduating from institutions of higher education as ethic Norwegians.
"Animals are dying in large numbers," said NIFU Chairman Josias Bogman yesterday, "yet our members haven't received one penny in compensation."
A number of studies have established that core nif genes like nifH, nifD, nifK, nifY, nifB, nifQ, nifE, nifN, nifX, nifU, nifS, nifV, nifW, and nifZ are essential for nitrogen fixation.
A survey carried out by educational research institute NIFU (Norsk Institutt for studier of Forskning og Utdanning) found that managers are hesitant to hire foreigners because of uncertainty about their previous work experience, quality of education and familiarity with the Norwegian language.