NIGANational Indian Gaming Association
NIGANeutron-Induced Gamma Activity
NIGANuclear Indirect Gamma Activity
NIGANevada Insurance Guaranty Association (Las Vegas, NV)
NIGANortheastern Indiana Gaming Association (South Whitley, IN)
NIGANational Issuing and Guaranteeing Association (India)
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NIGA is the largest gathering of tribal leaders and casino executives in the country.
(Never mind that the closest word in Japanese that sounds like "niga" actually means "bitter.") The 25-year-old Hawaii native comes across as one of the nicest-seeming superstars on the Internet, and the secret to his success is that he's mastered the art of being funny without resorting to mean-spirited jabs or gratuitously crass gags.
Three of the newly discovered fields lie north of the Manageesh field, which is located in west Kuwait, while the fourth hydrocarbon find was positioned in the north in proximity to Umm Niga and Rawdatain fields." Kuwait's plan continues to be executed as originally approved, and it had not been impacted by current oil market prices, he stressed.
As a result, the dereliction of chief building inspector, Malik Abdul Aziz and assistant building inspector, Niga Hussain was found in construction of buildings on impropriate locations.
By 2002, over half of all tribal members living in the contiguous 48 states belonged to casino-operating tribes (Evans & Topoleski, 2003) and, in 2008, Indian gaming revenues topped $26.7 billion with 233 Indian tribes operating 411 casinos, bingo halls, and pull-tab operations in 28 states (NIGA, 2009).
Niga, "Radio link quality estimation in wireless sensor networks: a survey," ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, vol.
SOUNDBITE 1: Niga Angelo (woman), Tacloban resident (Filipino, 26 sec):
But after showing our work and going through different stages, we were able to expand our work and increase the working staff," said Pishtiwan Majeed, Rangar Company General Manager In order to show their wide range of work to the Kurdish audience and so as to better entertain spectators with social programs and dubbed dramas, Rangar launched Niga Local TV in Erbil.
FICCI, which is the National issuing and Guaranteeing Association (NIGA) for implementing ATA Carnets in India, is pursuing the matter with the Ministry of Finance for the expansion of scope of system to cover professional equipment and commercial samples.
In 2002, the NSWCCA heard the appeal in R v Riscuta ('Riscuta'), which concerned two co-accused, Riscuta and Niga. (99) This was an appeal from a conviction for the supply of heroin, with one ground focusing on the admission of incriminating voice identification evidence of an interpreter, Clarice Kandic.