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According to NIGC, Mohammad Asgari reacted to reports about Iran having won the case and that the Turkmen side was required to pay damages to NIGC, and said the case was still open in the International Court of Arbitration and no final verdict had so far been issued regarding the case so far.
He said that according to the law, NIGC pays 20 percent of the earned income for renewal of heating systems and equipment of Iranian secondary schools.
The Iranian parties involved are the NIGC, the LNG Institute of Tehran University and the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry.
NIGC's Managing Director and Petroleum Deputy Minister Hamid Reza Araqi on Oct.
According to the document, NIGC's strategic objective is to become the world's third-largest gas producer by 2025.
However, the Tasnim news agency quoted the NIGC's managing director, Hamid-Reza Araqi, as announcing that Iran had lost the case and would be required to make a payment to Turkey.
As a result, NIGC has been implementing its operations proportionate with the national trend toward economic and social development.
In the 2014 autumn, NIGC launched the Middle East's largest LNG storage facility in the north-east bordering Turkmenistan.
'NIGC is in contact with more than 1.000 domestic manufacturers and not only is able to assure domestic manufacturers but also can accelerate the process of indigenization that will be a turning point in meeting gas processing sector's needs domestically.
17 January 2013 - Spanish utility Gas Natural SDG SA (MCE:GAS), Turkish conglomerate Haci Omer Sabanci Holding, Abu Dhabi investment fund Mubdala and the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), are among over 10 parties poised to bid for the privatisation of Turkish gas grid Baskent Gaz Dagitim AS, Reuters reported, citing sources familiar with the process.
NIGC would participate via Turkish investors, Reuters said.Country: TurkeySector: UtilitiesTarget: Baskent Gaz Dagitim ASBuyer: Turkerler-Gama OGG, Genpa, Nurol Holding AS, National Iranian Gas Company , Eksim Yatirim Holding AS, Haci Omer Sabanci Holding, Mubdala, Akfen-STFA OGG, Zorlu Holding, Gas Natural SDG SA , Fernas, Tasyapi , Limak Vendor: Turkish Privatisation Administration (OIB) Type: PrivatisationStatus: Speculation