NIGEMNational Institute Global Econometric Model
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We use NIESR's Global Econometric Model (NiGEM) to run a set of stylised scenarios to investigate the impact of the fiscal package (alone as well as coupled with a reduction in investment premia) on output in the first year.
The significant positive correlation between seed yield and number pods confirmed the results, obtained by Ibrahim [18], Kambal [11], Nigem el al [14], Berhe et al [5], and Ulukran [20] in faba been; Siddique et al [17] in narbon bean and Cakmakie [6] in common vetch.
The alternative scenario for the global economy has been calculated with the aid of the NiGEM world model.
NiGEM is the model of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (, Oxford is the model of Oxford Economic Forecasting(
According to the empirical analysis based on the models in the NIGEM system, euro area entry could be rapid for Poland, fairly rapid for Hungary, and should be more cautious for the Czech Republic.
We use NIESR's Global Econometric Model (NiGEM) to run stylised scenarios to investigate the impact of these increases in tariffs on US and Chinese imports, continuing earlier work (Liadze and Hacche, 2017; Hantzsche and Liadze, 2018), which shows that tariff imposition not only harms the economies that the tariffs are aimed at, but also the country that imposes them, as well as spilling over to other economies who might be innocent bystanders in the trade dispute.
In this special analysis, the NiGEM (28) model of the world economy is used to estimate the effects of the German tax package.
The author's calculations with the NiGEM world macro model confirm the value derived by Mayes and Viren [2000] of around 3.0.
We have also estimated the effect on the economy using NIESR's global econometric model NiGEM. Figure 10 shows that the additional fiscal spending and lower social security contributions are expected to add around 0.1 percentage points and 0.2 percentage points to annual GDP growth in 2018 and 2019, respectively.
In simulations with the NiGEM (9) model for the world economy, these factors provide only a limited improvement in the US current account unless they amount to a massive shock.
Keywords: NiGEM, macroeconomic model, open economy macroeconomics, global structural model, spillovers.
Simulations with the NiGEM (2) model of the world economy indicate that the development of oil prices in the past year and of future oil prices as currently expected may mean that GDP in the OECD area will be 1 percent lower at the end of 2006 than if the price of oil had developed according to expectations at the outset of 2004.