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Similarly, the duration of the luteal phase is 1417 days in the rhesus monkey (Shimizu, 2008), 10.515.1 days in Japanese macaques (Nigi, 1977), and 12.815.4 days in Formosan macaques.
However, if the corpus luteum is ruptured iatrogenically by the laparoscope the luteal phase will be shortened (Nigi, 1977).
Gizimin li Qatt ma Jiftah is set in the late fifties, whereas It-Tfal Jigu bil-Vapuri and La Jibbnazza Nigi Lura reconstruct the early decades of the twentieth century and years later, namely phases of the British period.
Characters in It-Tfal Jigu bil-Vapuri and La Jibbnazza Nigi Lura are all, including victims, the product of a long, uninterrupted tradition, insular and self-sufficient, within which they recognize themselves.
I have tried to explore this dichotomy in the novel La Jibbnazza Nigi Lura, where a large segment of the story occurs in the Grand Harbour area, the fanciful place of decades ago, the joy of my generation.
Bernardetto was in Venice in January 1441, where he may well have been in contact with his Florentine associate Nerone di Nigi, who resided in the city from August 1440 to May 1441.
Siirtec Nigi of Italy is revamp-ing the sulphur recovery units at the two refineries under a subcontract awarded by Sinopec in June 2001.
The unfortunate circumstance fortunately led them to forming a six-member group later on dubbed by Nigi Nigi Nu Noos E Nunu Noos' owner as 'Calamity Survival Band.'
Emman Alim, guitarist and vocalist, and Dave Gandola, bassist and vocalist, were the two original performers at Nigi Nigi.
The refineries' sulphur recovery units and several treatment units including three for LPG, are to be revamped by Siirtec Nigi of Italy which won the contract recently.
Siirtec Nigi will provide basic engineering designs and proprietary equipment.