NIHANational Inline Hockey Association (Canada)
NIHANational Integrated Health Associates (Washington, DC)
NIHANeointimal Hyperplasia Area
NIHANeutral Independent Humanitarian Action (International Committee of the Red Cross)
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Writing in the Sunday Hindustan Times (2nd April) Niha Masih quotes various Govt sources to show that the buffalo population in U.P.
Consequently, I marveled at my youngest neighbor, Niha, age 3 years, when she started telling me--in English and for no apparent reason --"Thank you very much." This is she who loves to be outdoors during heavy rains where she runs and shouts and collapses merrily in the mud.
(82) A pilot project for CFL lighting efficiency was established in the rural village of Niha in central Lebanon, where 1,000 CFL bulbs were distributed to the town's residents, and the study evaluated the project's effectiveness of adequate lighting and how the town's socio-economic conditions improved.
Chairman Plant Breeding and Genetics Prof Dr Abdus Salam, Director ORIC Prof Dr Asif Ali, Treasurer Umar Saeed, Director Academics Dr Ghulam Murtaza, Director Internal Audit Rana Kahlid Mahmood, former PARB member Dr Adbur Rasheed, Dr Nosaba Amjad, Chief Executive Officer Niha International Dr Nadeem Tariq, Human Resource Expert Salman Mushtaq and IT expert Mohammad Owais addressed the participants.
] mar ie niha ley likotz:] "Le-erkhei halakhah ve-aggadah be- sugyah talmudit ahat --dialektikah o konflikt?", Safot be-sifruyot ba-hinnukh ha-yehudi -- mehkarim li-khvodo shel Mikhael Rozenak (Jerusalem: Magnes, 2007) pp.
The data were collected from National Institute of Hospital Administration (NIHA), National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC (NHFPC).
Wadih el-Safi was born Wadih Francis on November 1st 1921 in the village of Niha in al-Shouf area.
Top seed Sarah Mansoor beat Niha Khan of Karachi without conceding a single game in both sets at 6-0,6-0.
The months that represent the El Niho and La Niha events were chosen on the basis of the 3 consecutive months with the highest individual values in the Nino 3.4 index during El Nino and La Nina during 1997-2000.