NIHCMNational Institute for Health Care Management
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Estimates suggest that at least hall of those persons are unauthorized immigrants (see NIHCM, 2008).
The average price for the 50 best-selling prescriptions is more than $70, according to NIHCM.
Holmer notes that following a previous NIHCM report PhRMA members conducted research of their own demonstrating that price and sales changes for prescription drugs do not directly relate to DTC advertising.
Holmer says he has invited NIHCM to collaborate with PhRMA to find solutions to the problems of such illnesses.
Vogt, "Hospital Market Consolidation: Trends and Consequences," NIHCM Foundation Expert Voices (November 2009), http://nihcm.
Neeraj Sood and Jose Escarce were finalists for the 16th Annual NIHCM Health Care Research Award for "Employer Sponsored Insurance, Health Care Cost Growth, and the Economic Performance of U.
In dollar terms, according to the NIHCM study, generic drugs accounted nationally for only 8 percent of all prescription drug sales in 1997.
Between 1992 and 1997, prescription drug spending by private third-party parties grew 123 percent, according to the NIHCM study, while consumer out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs grew only 13 percent.
The NIHCM study revealed that the top 50 most advertised prescription drugs accounted for almost half of the $20.
The NIHCM (1999) Data Source served as our source for information on 1996-97 MSA level health care supply and managed care characteristics.
NIHCM Foundation will award prizes of $5,000 each to the best entries from the following categories: health care article or series from general circulation publications and health care article or series from trade publications.