NIHTNothing Important Happened Today (X-Files episode)
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71) franzeis ich niht vernemen kan, daz tiutschet mir sin kunstic munt.
Inspired by these works, we propose an approximately NIHT (ANIHT) algorithm to solve the NCS problem (2).
1106/18-21 On tha niht the on morgen waes Cena Domini, thet is se thunresdaeg toforan Eastran, waeron gesewen twegen monan on thaere heofonan toforan tham daege, odher be eastan 7 se odher be westan, begen fulle
Survey results show that many people are twice as worried about being murdered now than they were a year ago and that only one-third of people surveyed feel safe on public transportation alone at niht.
Seo sunne gaep be Godes dihte betweox heofenan and eoroan, on daeg bufon eoroan and on niht under oysse eoran, eall swa feorr adune on nihtlicre tide under aere eorpan swa heo on daeg bufon up astihp.(8)
Hlothhere and Eadric 15 places the onus on the host, indicating that after three nights he becomes liable for the actions of his guest: "Gif man cuman feormaep III niht an his agenum hame (cepeman oppe oderne pe sio ofer mearce cuman) 7 hine ponne his mete fede, 7 he ponne aenigum maen yfel gedo, se man pane oderne aet rihte gebrenge oppe riht forewyrce" [If anyone entertains in his own home a visitor (or a merchant or another man who has come from over the border) for three nights and then gives him food, and he then commits a crime against anyone, let the man bring the other to justice, or do justice for him].
Proper names are listed separately, English on pages 1179-82 and Latin, Greek, and Hebrew on pages 1183-4; the definition of |proper name' as here used leads to the inclusion of many common nouns, but since the purpose of the lists of proper names is to draw attention to them in the concordance itself there is no harm in that; far from it, to include too much may be helpful to a reader who would not have thought of any of the nouns in the following sentence as proper names: 16b 2-6: |Ine marhen oder i niht efter be suffragies of uhtsong segged commendaciun, sittinde pe salmes, cneolinde pe ureisuns oder stondinde.' There is a list of |Vernacular Forms Arranged in Descending Frequency', pages 1185-1213, about half of the words occurring once only.
20) weor[thorn]an Hit seg[eth] [thorn]aet hi wur[eth]on raedlice afyrhte [thorn]a ure drihten com on [thorn]as niht to [thorn]aere hellegatum & [thorn]a locu toburston.
37) ac wit on niht sculon secge ofersittan, gif he gesecean dear wig ofer waepen...