NIICNortheast Indiana Innovation Center (Fort Wayne, IN)
NIICNorthern Illinois-Iowa Conference (intercollegiate athletic conference)
NIICNational Incident Information Center
NIICNorth Icelandic Irminger Current
NIICNikolaev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (Novosibirsk, Russia)
NIICNorthern Ireland Institute of Coaching (est. 1980; UK)
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"Our target with our new program," Parks said, "is really the smaller local and regional distribution companies who are generally more comfortable in traditional guaranteed-cost insurance programs." He said the NIIC's ART program, which has been available since 2004, "is really the best bet for operators who have the size and the risk appetite to assume a significant portion of their own risk."
He pointed out that although the "majority of policies" will be in that range, NIIC welcomes accounts "in the six-figure-and-above premium size" as well.
The National Integrated Industries Complex (NIIC), the first industrial establishment of its kind in the Middle East, specializing in electric and electronic home appliances, recently received a delegation from Jordan Investment Board (JIB).
The visit aimed at having a closer look at the NIIC as one of the leading investment projects in Jordan.
A first of its kind industrial complex in the Middle East, NIIC said the partnership offers 15 per cent of its overall capital to Baniyas.
The National Integrated Industries Complex (NIIC), the first industrial complex of its kind in the Middle East, announced the full preparation of its washing machines factory, as its production lines and operation have actually kicked off.
NAM's public relations activities were supplemented by the work of the National Industrial Information Committee (NIIC), a front organization directly controlled by NAM.
Global will play the role of the Advisor for the merger transaction between MECE and the National Integrated Industries Complex Co (NIIC).