NIIINewton's Third Law (physics)
NIIINHS (National Health Service) Institute for Innovation and Improvement
NIIINational Information Infrastructure Initiative
NIIINoble International Investments, Inc. (various locations)
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Zona NIII (32-0cm, 1814-2000 A.D): Representa el manglar plenamente establecido.
Lactose and Calcium in Dairy Products FOOD LACTOSE CALCIUM AMOUNT TO MEET (G) (MG) DAILY CALCIUM NEEDS * Low-fat Milk (1 cup) 11-13 305 33 cups Low-fat Yogurt 11-17 332 3 cups (1 cup) Low-fat Hard 3-1 301 5 ounces Cheese (1 5 oz) * Based on Institute of Medicine Dietary Reference Intake for calcium for adults ages 19-50 Source: NIII Consensus Development Program Note: g=grams, mg=milligrams
Under the plan, IDA seeks to build the Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure (Next Gen NIII) that comprises complementary wired and wireless networks to deliver ultra-high speeds and pervasive connectivity.
As mentioned previously, the Department of Public Safety Canada's NIII system is a parallel development.
(Moscow: Sinodal'naia tipografiia, 1807-15), 3: 480; Novgorodskaia tretiaia letopis' (hereafter NIII) (PSRL, 3) (St.
The Escherichia coli Gift Fund at the Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center and NIII grant DK52081 support this project.
-- on the demonstratives lii, nii: (67) liii moo nara doon sunu waxtaanu tey ak niii ...
This compelling sense of progression was further fuelled by Donohoe's impressive command of tone, colour and textural change, especially effective in the transition from Etude II's dark passion through NIII's sweet insistence to the simple, abrupt chords of NIV.
National Information Infrastructure Initiative (NIII), introduced in the early 1990s, had a direct impact on many countries and international organizations.