NIIMSNational Interagency Incident Management System
NIIMSNational Indian Irrigation Management System (US DOI)
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As a result, in 1993, California enacted legislation establishing the Standardized Emergency Management System and mandating the use of FIRESCOPE (NIIMS) ICS for disaster management.
Obvious question: Why do you need a NIIMS number to help you acquire the several documents the NIIMS number is supposed to save you from carrying?
It will also be used to access any service under the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), which means that with the Huduma card, you will not need the NHIF card to pay hospital bills.If enacted, The Huduma Act, 2019 will establish the NIIMS to promote efficient delivery of public services and consolidate and harmonise the law on registration of persons.
"For avoidance of doubt, the NIIMS is a protected computer system within the meaning of the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act," it says.
It is followed by Ethiopia, South Africa and Nigeria.The President noted in Kigali that his administration had begun creating a pool of graduates skilled in ICT, who have so far played a role in developing the country's NIIMS.
On the contrary, the evidence available does not link the NIIMS to the religious position on universal identification.
On Huduma Namba, while Kenyans have been registering, questions and doubts abound.LSK President Allen Gichuhi says, the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2018 which legalised Huduma Namba, introduces amendments to the Registration of Persons Act, which infringes on the privacy rights of citizens through introduction of the National Integrated Identity Management System (Niims).
He said NIIMS guards the integrity of the government's data better than the manual system.
The lawyers argue that given the court ruling, the ministry is misleading the public by setting deadlines for registration.COURT ORDERThe Kenya National Human Rights Commission and two others had filed a petition, where LSK was enjoined as an interested party, challenging the coming into effect of the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2018 that introduced changes to the Registration of Persons Act that brought in the National Integrity Identity Management System (Niims), popularly known as the Huduma Namba.
He appealed to the government to extend the deadline so details of every Kenyan is captured in the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS).
However, for Kenyans outside the country, the National Integrated Information System (Niims) listing exercise has been extended to June 20.
He said resources will be channelled to counties based on the number of people captured in the National Integrated identity Management System (NIIMS).