NIINNational Item Identification Number
NIINNatural Immunity Information Network (New York, NY)
NIINNATO Item Identification Number
NIINNavy Integrated Information Network
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Kirs, J., Puura, V., Soesoo, A., Klein, V., Konsa, M., Koppelmaa, H., Niin, M.
Using the flags by NIIN (where a signal = 1), item managers can quickly identify exceptions requiring attention.
niin etta nama kaksi tulevat [become-3PL] yhdeksi lihaksi (R 1992 Mk 10:8)
(37a) *Anssi iske-a ja taraytt-i ikkuna-n rikki Anssi hit-INF and IdPh-PAST.3SG window-ACC broken Intended: 'Anssi hit and so hard that the window broke' (37b) *Anssi iske-a niin etta taraytt-i ikkuna-n Anssi hit-PAST.3SG so that IdPh-PAST.3SG window-ACC rikki broken Intended: 'Anssi hit so hard that the window broke With the insertion of the conjunctions the SVC is dissolved, and one event is transformed into a sequence of two events.
The system was designed to have an on-screen pre-edit feature to ensure fewer errors, but if the offending PLL clerk looked at his screen to see what the part's corresponding NIIN number and its price, he did not notice his $28,000 error.
Firstly, it contextualizes the NIIN project within the relevant conceptual discourse and ascertains the key dialogical principles relevant to constructing a regionalized/localized interfaith and intercultural network.
In GCSS-MC, an "item" will relate to a particular National Item Identification Number (NIIN) and an "instance" will refer to a specific individual occasion of an item, a precise serial number, or in the future, the Item Unique Identification (IUID).
Inventory levels with DCB are set by using iterative simulations of the demand streams at the national item identification number (NIIN) level to achieve customer-wait-time goals that vary based on the investment and storage resources associated with the NIIN.
The Finnish existential sentence 471 (13) Uude + t tietokoneohjelma + t synty + vat new + PL.NOM computer-program + PL.NOM arise + PRES.3PL firma + ssa + mine niin nopeasti, etta kilpailijo + i + ta firm + INE + 1PLPX so quickly that competitor + PL + PAR huolestu + tta + a.
Yukio Aoshima failed to win a seat in Sunday's House of Councillors election, casting doubt over the future of the Niin Club, a group of advocates of independent lawmaking which he hoped to lead in the upper chamber.
Like no matter what Et niinkun mika tahansa vanha old product say well-known tuotekin sanotaan ihan siis coffee brands brands kahvimerkitkin naa tutut like Juhlamokka and kahvimerkit Juhlamokka ja Pressa Pressa mm mm that are uh (.) I mean coffee niin tota jota (.) siis kahviahan is (.) mainly consumed by (.) kayttaa eniten just taa meijan our middle-aged keski-ikaisten mm mm generation and they are like (0.2) sukupolvi ja ne on aivan siis (0.2) ku katotaan when you look at (0.2) sales niita (0.2) myyntitilastojakin tai keta records or consumption records niita kuluttajatilastoja niin ne on this clearly the case.