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NIIPNet International Investment Position (national finance)
NIIPNavajo Indian Irrigation Project
NIIPNational Institute of Industrial Psychology
NIIPNorthwest Income Indicators Project (Washington State University)
NIIPNational Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996
NIIPNegative Inspiratory Intrathoracic Pressure
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A number of changes are planned for the Indian Air Force (IAF) version, including the addition of the Tikhomirov NIIP N079 radar, in place of the N036 Byelka radar on the RuAF T-50S, and export versions of countermeasures and weapon management systems, for example.
Turkey's NIIP had been negative $431.6 billion at the end of 2014.
(20) It is important to note that the accumulated capital inflows do not completely represent the NIIP after 2002 because the investment holdings of individual countries do not necessarily yield the same return and also may be subject to changes in valuation.
As a result, China's net international investment position (NIIP), which is the difference between China's gross assets and its gross liabilities, automatically worsens.
Against that backdrop, a higher national savings rate which was closer to, or above, that typical in advanced countries would have limited the further deterioration in the NIIP position over the last 10-15 years.
The author wonders whether the "other changes" category which explains the transition in any given asset or liability class from one period to the next after taking account of purchases and sales of assets and market price changes can resolve this "puzzle" of the rise the NIIP negative position.
If a tax is introduced that lowers the value of property assets, the steady state effect is a corresponding reduction in households' gross debt and thus an increase in their net financial assets; at the national level, New Zealand's steady state gross and net offshore debt falls and there is a rise in the country's net international investment position (NIIP).
The net international investment position (NIIP) as of the end of 2009 posted minus US$148.0 billion, down US$35.0 billion from the end of 2008.
Structured along the lines of the National Institute of Industrial Psychology (NIIP) in the UK (formed in 1921), this was to be Australian psychology's first venture into private practice (Naylor et al., 1985; Rose 1976; Turtle & Orr, 1988).
During the same period the country's net international investment position (NIIP) has gone from a negative level equivalent to around 75% of GDP to 93% of GDP at end-2008 (Figure 1.1, Panel E).
The cumulation of current account deficits affects a country's net international investment position (NIIP).
We shall examine aspects of the National Institute of Industrial Psychology (NIIP), especially those dating pre-1940, many of which seem to have been forgotten, and relate them to work that seems currently important (or, perhaps, fashionable).