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NIITNational Information Infrastructure Testbed
NIITNational Institute of Information Technology (India)
NIITNust Institute of Information Technology (Pakistan)
NIITNigerian Institute of Information Technology (education)
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FINRA banking firm Xnergy Financial LLC reported on Tuesday the divestiture of Eagle Productivity Solutions to NIIT Limited (NIIT).
The blending of these two companies will help NIIT further expand its capabilities in global application rollouts of enterprise applications requiring high adoption and deepen its domain expertise in the pharmaceutical and life sciences domain.
Sapnesh Lalla, CEO, NIIT Limited said, "We are delighted to have Anurag as the Head of GRB India operations at a time when we are going through a phase of intense digital transformation.
With a strong focus on assuming a leadership role in the Digital Learning World and to further accelerate NIIT's growth and profitability, the company has charted a two-pronged business strategy: firstly an Internal Initiative addressing the Digital Transformation of the entire business model of NIIT and secondly an External Initiativewhich focuses on training and consulting of individual and corporate customers to enable them to prepare successfully for their digital transformation.
The purpose of the NIIT was to fund approximately 50% of the total cost of Obamacare.
Australia, NIIT Technologies said: "This key appointment strengthens our
Al-Moayed hailed the minister's support for NIIT and its developmental programmes, pointing out that NIIT is the first specialised training institution in the industrial area in Bahrain, thanks to its international programmes.
This adds to the success of the previous scheme under which NIIT trained and helped recruiting around 400 Bahrainis through the original version of this programme and other similar ones.
Since its establishment seven years ago, NIIT has been progressing steadily towards achieving milestones one after another and bringing in international best practices in vocational training to Bahrain," Mohammed said.
dividends, interest, capital gains); however, if they do not have excess MAGI, they are not subject to the NIIT.
8 percent tax on their annual pass-through income from the entity, the NIIT also applies to the net gain allocated to that individual upon a sale of the business of the entity or a sale of the entity itself.