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Pario had earlier walked into the well of the house Nikh Kamin and Tanga Byaling shouting slogans like "nehi hoga, nehi hoga (not possible, not possible)".
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The nikh was solemnised after Salem and his bride took their oaths over cellphones and the wedding solemnised by a qazi.
(76) Compare: "I my sokhranim tebia, russkaia rech', velikoe russkoe slovo" ("Muzhestvo"); "Dlia nikh sotkala ia shirokii pokrov / Iz bednykh, u nikh zhe podslushannykh slov.
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They had taken in four-year-old Gerasim, evidently as a charitable gesture (vziat' u nikh Boga radi Gerasim).(99) Il'ia Grigor'ev syn Novinskoi, eighty years old and widowed, lived in Toropets with his two sons, their wives, and children; altogether, eight persons lived in this household, one of whom was elderly and three children of whom were less than five years old.
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Sasheh gets astonished with the fact that her debut is compared with her mom Salma's 1982 debut film Nikh .
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So you have a stage where the nikh is to be held alongside the st phere, where traditions contradict and human emotions reign high, but everyone is inspired to 'get along' with the prospect of the dollars coming in from the 200 foreign guests.
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