NILCNational Immigration Law Center
NILCNational Information Learning Center (Georgia)
NILCNew Interterritorial Language Committee
NILCNevsky Institute of Language and Culture (Russia)
NILCNational Internet Literacy Campaign (Malaysia)
NILCNon-Infectious Lung Complications
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The POS-Tagger used is trained by the researchers of the NILC institute, as described by Aires (2000), the MXPOST Tagger application (Ratnaparkhi, 1996) was used to produce this Brazilian Portuguese Tagger.
This stemmer was chosen because it was developed specifically for Brazilian Portuguese, and it was developed by natural language processing specialists from NILC.
Besides, the NILC said employers have misused E-Verify, and the mandated use of such (E-Verify) is likely to result in discrimination against immigrant workers.
Moreover, it will impose new costs on employers, and it will make workers even more vulnerable and drive many deeper into the underground economy, the NILC said.
NILC estimates that as many as 100,000 workers have been let go since the letters began arriving.
NILC is now working with the SSA and the Chamber of Commerce to rewrite the documents, making it explicit that the SSA has nothing to do with immigration.
org/) NILC , a legal advocacy organization that defends the rights of low-income immigrants, has dismissed the congressman's enforcement-only approach, saying it hasn't worked for the last 20 years.
Essas 64 palavras foram retiradas do trabalho de Justi e Justi (2008) que traz estatisticas de vizinhanca ortografica para uma amostra de 8465 palavras do Corpus NILC / Sao Carlos (Nucleo Interinstitucional de Linguistica Computacional [NILC], 2005).
Pirzada replied that the official had already been humiliated as he had been removed from supervising Hajj scam, Pakistan Steel Mills and NILC cases.
4) Prometo desenvolvido no NILC (Nucleo Interinstitucion de Linguistica Computacional) com apoio da FINEP, Programa PADCT-III-CDT/ MCT, PROCESSO RC: 3.
O corpus linguistico selecionado para a elaboracao das listas apresentadas na presente comunicacao (vide Tabela 1) foi o NILC (Kuhn, Silva, Abarcca, & Nunes, 2000; Pinheiro & Aluisio, 2003).