NILDNational Institute for Learning Development (Virginia)
NILDNational Institute for Learning Disabilities
NILDNap Induced Lucid Dream
NILDNational Indigenous Languages Directory (Australia)
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O'Banion, who is now chair of the graduate faculty at National American University, said that he and Roueche "have been collaborating for over 35 years" on three programs: Expanding Leadership Diversity, Executive Leadership Institute and NILD.
NILD has been going strong for 34 years and is probably the oldest program of its kind ever created.
Leaders close to the program today estimate that approximately 6,000 women have participated in activities sponsored by NILD.
The League continued its strong commitment to women and minorities by referring them to NILD and ELI.
Institutes main building, NILD, Kolkata and an aluminum window in the room attached to Directors chamber in 1st floor of main building.
At a recent engagement in Abuja where the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Judiciary, Honourable Aminu Shagari and Professor Hamalai jointly addressed the media on the institute's expanded mandate, she (Hamalai) was confident that if the NILDS programmes were properly focused, they would impact positively on the ongoing democratic processes and ultimately culminate in the building of virile democratic structures and institutions that would advance party politics and electoral process in the country through sustainable manpower training and/or capacity building.
While NIPSS, for instance, conducts courses for top-level policy makers and executors drawn from different sectors of the country, with a view to widening their outlook and perspectives on issues and improving their conceptual capacity, quality of analysis and decision making, among others, NILDS is equipped to promote critical research materials and policy insights as background materials for committees of the National Assembly; improve the capacity of legislators to sustain and consolidate democratic governance through deliberation and policy formulation; and, improve the technical capacity of legislative staff, committee secretaries and political aides to process appropriation bills and policy oversight of the executive.