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NILESNational Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (Cairo University; Egypt)
NILESNorthamptonshire Integrated Local Employment Strategy (European Social Fund; Northampton, UK)
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Niles wouldn't own the stock in the fourth quarter.
The Village of Niles is one of just ten towns in the Chicagoland-area selected by the Intelligentsia Cup to host the criterium and road race events.
LTN and Niles have been partnering for years to innovate, streamline, and advance the use of IP in delivering exceptional products and services to their broadcast and digital clients.
Niles," the artist takes us on a visually stunning journey through many mediums of art and imagination and leaves us wanting more.
The Niles City School District takes its job of ensuring the safety and well being of its students very seriously.
Niles' exploration of cross-textual readings demonstrates how close side-by-side readings of the Bible with an Asian text can open the biblical stories to new insights gained from Asian stories and perspectives, thus connecting the biblical stories more closely to the Asian context.
Gerry Moore, now priest-in-charge of Wolfe Island's Anglican parish, the young Niles was being more than a dutiful nephew.
The local facility was also one of nine in the nation to accept carcinogenic PCBs, Niles said.
When times were tough Hazel and Niles would pan for gold in Porcupine.
Niles said Chavez left the field with his father to go to the hospital to get stitches.
Impulse buys are half the fun of strolling Fremont's Niles District, a four-block stretch on the north side of town with 17 antiques and collectibles stores.
On the first day of school, however, Miles discovers that there is already a pretty awesome prankster among the students: Niles Sparks, apparent goody two-shoes.