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Raising the anagram to the height of a science, he declared that the destiny of every man was written in the words or phrase given by the transposition of the letters of his names and titles; and his patriotism struggled hard to suppress the fact--signal evidence for his theory--that in Horatio Nelson, "honor est a Nilo." Ever since the accession of Charles X., he had bestowed much thought on the king's anagram.
This is a topic of much debate and has evolved since the first years when nilos appeared in the lake.
The simplest rig for nilos is a plain dropper rig, either with or without a swivel, the 1/4 ounce sinker hanging a foot lower than the bait (A).
Nilos tend to suck a bait, so rarely are the indications of a bite the same as fishing for other species.
I must profess I am no expert when it comes to nilo fishing.