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NILTNorthern Ireland Life and Times (survey)
NILTNational Institute of Leather Technology (est. 1998; Karachi, Pakistan)
NILTNear-Infrared Light Therapy (treatment)
NILTNursing Intervention Lexicon and Taxonomy (Susan J. Grobe paper)
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With winter closing in and food running out, the situation was becoming critical when a Dogra sepoy named Nagdu succeeded under cover of darkness in finding a tenuous route up the precipitous far slope of the Nilt nullah.
Before the moon rose on the night of 19 December, Lieutenant Manners-Smith, who was an experienced mountaineer, led fifty Gurkhas and fifty Kashmiri Dogras with ropes and pickaxes quietly out of camp and, crossing the Nilt River unobserved, halted in the dead ground at the bottom of the cliffs underneath the Nagari sangars.
Behind it was a deep and precipitous nullah, down which the River Nilt flowed into the main river, with a line of almost sheer cliffs on the far bank.
Across the main Hunza River, almost directly opposite Nilt, was a third fort called Maiun, itself protected by a deep nullah and occupied in strength by the men of Hunza.