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NIMANational Imagery and Mapping Agency (now National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; US government)
NIMAnever in mitosis gene a (molecular biology)
NIMANational Integrated Medical Association (India)
NIMANorth Idaho Mycological Association (Post Falls, Idaho)
NIMANational Informercial Marketing Association
NIMANATO Information Management Authority
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Detailing NIMA in a blog post, Google wrote," While technical quality assessment deals with measuring pixel-level degradations such as noise, blur, compression artifacts, etc.
Combining a cutting-edge design with a crystal-clear sound, the NIMA speaker is a regulation-size helmet that weighs in at just 7.
The organization that administers NIMA is based in Tallahassee, Fla.
NIMA president Dhananjay Bele said, "NIMA organised the first bank summit in 2009, to bring both industries and banks on the same platform.
In March of 2012, NIMA approved the engagement of the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office to serve as the central clearinghouse provider for the collection and allocation of surplus lines premium tax payments on multistate policies when the home state of the insured is a NIMA state.
3) The current NIMA tax allocation methodology contains a detailed allocation formula requiring a substantial amount of state-specific data to be collected by the surplus lines broker from the insured.
Once a participating state sees that it is sending premium tax revenues to other participating states, or that its clearinghouse allocation is less than the premium taxes it would have received from the home state, that state will terminate and the cycle will repeat itself until NIMA, collapses," he said.
Under NIMA it will be the states (and elected officers representing these states) that will ultimately manage and administer this agreement.
Swedish life science group Biolin AB announced on Monday (3 September) that it has agreed to acquire the privately-owned UK-based scientific instruments manufacturer NIMA Technologies Ltd.
While there might be several defendable responses to pursue arising from student discussions, the following notes are provided as a guide based on the history of the NIMA Corporation.
Other changes underway at NIMA include focusing on surveillance needs instead of reconnaissance and moving away from government-only imagery, said retired Gen.
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