NIMAINational Imagery and Mapping Agency Instruction
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Dubai - Investment banking advisory firm Nimai Capital has launched $150 million (Dh550.5 million) fund in partnership with Kenya's Victoria Commercial bank to invest in to financial services sector across emerging and frontier markets particularly Africa and South Asia.
Nimai looks forward to contributing to Qatar's economy by helping its clients achieve their ambitions."
Nimai Management Consultants, a Dubai-based financial consultancy firm, has opened its Doha branch through the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) as part of efforts to expand its operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.
Mundra also announced that Nimai Consultants Dubai will be partnering with BCICAI for the chapter's annual international conference themed "Together Towards Tomorrow; CAs as Strategic Partners" to be held on November 28 and 29 in the kingdom.
Nimai Swaroop, marketing manager of lubricants at Shell, said: "Over the last five years, Shell Springboard has given pounds 1.3 million to 30 small businesses like Aeristech with innovative ideas for tackling climate change.
It was founded by business studies student Jodi Anderson, who was a waitress in her father's vegetarian restaurant in Swansea, when she and her friend Nimai Pandit had the idea.
At which point, Taraka, Nimai and Michael plunge into the audience and unravel a scintillating story set on the high seas.
As the congregation fans out to eat and socialize, I sit with Nimai Nitai, at 52 something of an elder statesman at the Boston temple.
Chakravarty, 30 March 1976, in English translation in Nimai Pramanik, Gandhi and the Indian National Revolutionaries (Calcutta, 1984), 9.
Tenders are invited for Construction of surface side drain (i)khirod biswas via paresh sarkar to haripada sarkar (ii)pratap saha to haripada sarkar (iii)haripada sarkar to ratan halder (iv) ratan halder to bhuvan sutradhar (v) bhuvan sutradhar to nimai chaki (vi) sanju sark
Pankaj Mundra, co-founder of Nimai Group, said all seven emirates have taken various initiatives in the last few years to promote employment but Dubai remains the favourite destination for expats, as well as new investors and employers.