NIMASNational Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard
NIMASNational Independent Medical Aid Society (est. 1951; South Africa)
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NIMAS Conversion Tool from CAST - The NIMAS Conversion Tool from CAST is now being distributed free of charge with Read&Write GOLD.
NIMAS establishes a uniform electronic (or digital) format for textbooks and related materials called a source file.
While a student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team makes decisions regarding instruction programing, modifications, and accommodations that will be needed, including the need for accessible instructional materials, decisions regarding who is eligible to utilize NIMAS materials are governed by the Act to Provide Books for the Adult Blind, originally passed in 1931.
NIMAC is a national repository of NIMAS source files maintained and coordinated by the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) in Louisville, Kentucky (http://www.
Beginning in August of 2006, whenever a local school district or state educational agency makes a purchase of print instructional materials, it must also contract with the publisher to prepare and, on or before delivery of the print instructional materials, provide to NIMAC electronic files containing the contents of the print instructional materials using the NIMAS.
This joint white paper presents a "101" level overview of NIMAS and its importance to publishers.
When publishers leverage NIMAS as a catalyst for change, they open up new potential revenue streams," says Vahe Kassardjian, president and co-founder of Integration New Media.
Our extensive research into the needs of leading education publishers clearly identified a trend that is growing and creating a demand for our technology, which will accelerate as more states adopt NIMAS.
Additional information about NIMAS is available at http://nimas.