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NIMBYNot In My Backyard
NIMBYNot in My Blue Yonder
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Ben Kallos, the city council representative for the Upper East Side, has played the role of the lone council person and been labeled a NIMBY for it.
The NIMBY attitude, weak LGU capacities, and lack of alternatives to landfilling have aggravated the situation.
Nimby, an acronym for 'not in my back yard',' is a pejorative word for residents who object to developments because they are nearby.
Retired architecture professor Dan Herbert told me once, "NIMBY has been replaced with BANANA - Build Almost Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone." Like the train whistle, we want everything close, but not too close.
Based on this definition of NIMBY as a form of place-protective action with strong concern for the visual landscape, the NIMBY scenario has strong constraints imposed on the deployment of technologies that are visually obtrusive.
He could choose to ignore the NIMBY fight, avoid communicating with the local community and take the situation to an unnecessary level of tension.
IN THE END the Minister of Interior Neoclis Sylikiotis gave in to the NIMBY protesters with regard to the creation of a solid waste depot close to Ormidhia village.
So you're still wondering how you may be a NIMBY and why I called you one.
In a 2008 report, the Paris-based International Energy Agency cited NIMBY sentiment as among the top five threats to the worldwide growth of renewable energy.
A medical waste handler's withdrawal from Shrewsbury is another disheartening illustration of the power of NIMBY to overwhelm science, fact and common sense.
Hopefully, the Welsh Assembly Government will give the development the go-ahead over the heads of the nimby locals and the council.