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NIMBYSNot In My Back Yard Syndrome
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"I was only highlighting other people's attitudes, and the type of snobbery that comes from NIMBYS in this area who treat social rented tenants like the great unwashed."
NIMBY groups represent members in communities who debate over nearby developments.
Like NYAWC's case, NIMBYs in the Workplace Project case attempted to use zoning laws to deny publicly supported services to immigrants.
He said he was not referring to the opponents of the project as "nimbys," but was speaking generally about some of the people who attend zoning hearings.
She automatically assumed that Nimbys are middle class moaners who don't want a thousand affordable houses dumped in their back gardens.
One of the symbols of these dilemmas is the relationship between planners and NIMBYs. NIMBYs have become almost universally reviled, to the extent that the acronym itself has become a term of abuse.
How many times have you been in a meeting where a well-intentioned developer is trying to present a model project, only to be overrun at the last minute by a well-organized group of NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard)?
Meanwhile, in Maine, where NIMBYs are particularly active, there is a severe shortage of affordable housing.
The legal hook for the wealthy NIMBYs hinges on the transfer of development rights across zoning district lines, a practice used to create some of the very edifices the challengers now reside in, attorneys and architects say.
The NIMBYs of New Jersey have leapt on this news to ask why the state should permit any new coal-burning plants or incinerators.
Michael Brook I'd like to know how long the Nimbys have lived there as opposed to how long the Quarries have been worked .