NIMCNorthern Ireland Museums Council (UK)
NIMCNational Identity Management Commission (Nigeria)
NIMCNorthern Illinois Medical Center (McHenry, IL)
NIMCNetworking, Internet and Mobile Communications
NIMCNetwork of Independent Media Centers
NIMCNational Imagery and Mapping College
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Upon attaining the age of 16, he/she will be required to visit any of the NIMC enrolment centres nationwide to update his/her registration.
Of the 81 total readings, 33 were readings of the traditional indoor/outdoor mud stoves and 8 were readings of the NIMC prototype.
This system will enable the NIMC to create a reliable identity database of citizens and residents of Nigeria and each person will be identified by a unique National Identification Number (NIN).
With the amendment of the Act in 2002, newer medical techniques that may lead to discrimination against the girl child were also brought under the purview of the Act," said the NIMC members.
The National Identity Management Commission was established by the NIMC Act No.
Upon completion of the National ID registration process, NIMC aims to introduce more than 100 million cards to Nigeria's 167 million citizens.
Conversely, within this setting the most recent national audit on the NIMC reported 2% of adult charts had a recorded weight.
Para el caso de la relacion entre PAD y NIMC, a pesar de no resultar significativa fp = 0,193), ambas pruebas de discriminacion de promedios (Tukey y Duncan) dieron diferencias significativas como lo muestra la Tabla 4.
This followed the agreement signing last Friday between the Board of the National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, with the two consortia for the implementation of the data capture and other related services as part of the front end operations of the National Identity Management system for the country.
So the city hall and NIMC investigated and concluded that the building's eastern section could not be salvaged and posed a danger to passers-by.
For chief petitioner Rudy Rennert and his wife, Judith, who retired to Lowell from Cape Cod two years ago, it's more like NIMC - Nowhere In My City.
Benshoff reported recommendation of Ad Hoc Committee appointed to review the NIMC Proposal.