NIMLONational Institute of Municipal Law Officers, Inc.
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The NIMLO member survey found that the bond rating downgrade problem is not as extensive as sometimes alleged by those who view deteriorating infrastructure as a major cause of litigation against public entities.
In an effort to determine the specific elements of rising litigation costs, the NIMLO member survey listed more than 20 different factors commonly perceived to drive up costs.
The NIMLO survey asked respondents, "Which of the following litigation cost containment techniques has your jurisdiction used over the past three years?" The list of techniques, from which they could identify all applicable, included a greater willingness to "settle" cases, less reliance on outside counsel, greater reliance on outside counsel, fewer purchases of law journals, a larger in-house legal staff, cost sharing with other TABULAR DATA OMITTED entities, greater reliance on part-time staff, reduced training for legal staff, a smaller in-house legal staff and the imposition of higher fees (e.g., for reproduction)--a cost-recovery strategy.
Additional financial support is provided annually by NIMLO, which participates in the activities of the Legal Center and signs on to the Legal Center's amicus briefs.