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NIMMNatural Interactivity and Multimodality
NIMMNational Institute of Medicinal Materials (Vietnam)
NIMMNational Institute of Materia Medica (Vietnam)
NIMMNeutrophil Iodination Micro-Method
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It was used NIMM in the National Health Service Model to evaluate the maturity of the crowdsourcing (see Table 1), adapted from Essmann (2009).
In the midst of such colourful characters, the villains still managed to make quite an impression with Figgis' Joko a commanding presence aided primarily by Joel Sams as his deeply reluctant partner in crime Nimms who was mainly motivated by guilt over the fact he got away with being part of the crime that saw Joko being locked up.
Positive BAC cases according to alleged manner of death NIMMS NIMMS Alleged manner 2002 2008 of non-natural (N=849) (N=672) death * % % Chi-square Homicide/violence ([dagger]) 50 54 1.