NIMPNon Investigational Medicinal Product (various organizations)
NIMPNATO Interoperability Management Plan
NIMPNetWare Internetwork Messaging Protocol (computing)
NIMPNational Institute for Material Physics (Bucharest, Romania)
NIMPNutrient and Irrigation Management Plan (Australia)
NIMPNogo (Neurite Outgrowth Inhibitor)-Interacting Mitochondrial Protein (neurology)
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If the proceedings commence by filing a NIMP, a Proposal must be filed within 30 days or an application to the Court must be made for an extension for filing.
The domain-specific approach claims that the creativity of an individual is limited to certain or specific domains (Reiter-Palmon, Illies, Cross, Buboltz, & Nimps, 2009).
Notably, the EFPIA said: 'There appears to remain confusion between NIMPS and IMPs [investigational medicinal products] in the absence of a formal legal definition of the former.
Definitions: nimps (easy); powfagged(exhausted);dowly (dull); ennog(back alley); bifter (cigarette); bally (thumb); ockodols (boot-clad feet); dummelhead (slow-wittedperson); yoked (spat); yitten(frightened); antwackie (old-fashioned); thraiping(thrashing).