NIMPHENuclear Isotope Monopropellant Hydrazine Engine
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En 1661 publica Prose cahgrine, en 1662 Promenades, 1664 Problemes sceptiques, Homelies academiques (1664), Deux discours, le premier du peu de certitude qu 'il y a dans l'histoire, le second de la connaissane de soi-mesme (1688), Soliloques sceptiques, Hexameron rustique, l'Antre des nimphes (1670).
(41) It also seems clear that "the fairest Nimphes" mentioned in the song were Elizabeth and her ladies in waiting, who had visited Wanstead during the 1578 progress.
Mackbeth and Bancko, 2 noble men of Scotland, Ridinge thorowe a wod there] stode before them 3 women feiries or Nimphes, And saluted Mackbeth, sayinge, 3 tyms [!] unto him, 1.
In order to illustrate the influence of Josquin on these two composers, their works are presented in combination with one of his motets (Benedicta es) and two of his secular chansons (Nimphes nappes and Faulte d'argent).
On the one hand, the recapitulation of the `Entree de nimphes et de bergers desesperez' indicated by a verbal cue at the end of Act 1 is ignored (the entree is, in effect, an entr'acte).