NIMPISNational Introduced Marine Pest Information System (Australia)
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Sabella spallanzanii is often used as bait to capture sparid finfish in its native Italy, and it is also fed to leatherjackets in aquaria (NIMPIS 2017).
spallanzanii in Australia; the same species does not reach maturity in its native Italy until it reaches 150 mm (NIMPIS 2017).
2007) or feeding tentacles (NIMPIS 2017)) are certainly a giveaway when viewed from 'ground level;' that is, when a scuba diver or snorkeller is in proximity to the benthos (Fig.
The National Introduced Marine Pest Information System (NIMPIS) internet-based inventory contains information on 80 introduced species in Australian waters, as well as species considered likely to be future introductions--'next pests'.