NIMSATNational Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies
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Among its fundamental goals, NIMSAT cites efforts to enhance understanding of threats and vulnerabilities to the nation's critical infrastructure and to improve the resiliency of private sector supply chains which fuel the national economy.
A key element in the NIMSAT initiative is its relationship with the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) facility, one of the world's leading technology resources for industry, government and research.
By leveraging one of the world's largest shared-memory systems at LITE, NIMSAT will be able to deliver peta-scale database and geospatial information as well as multi-dimensional visualization for real-time data gathering, synthesis, analysis and dissemination.
The NIMSAT Homeland Security Institute will be a crucial factor in building on these lessons, as it will allow the residents of these coastal communities to better identify, prepare for, and respond to the threats that they face.