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NINNational Insurance Number (UK)
NINNine Inch Nails (band)
NINNational Institute of Nutrition
NINNational Institute of Nutrition (India)
NINNow I'm Nothing
NINNo Introduction Needed
NINNetherlands Institute for Neuroscience
NINNational Identification Number
NINNational Information Network (news group/server)
NINNouvelle Imprimerie du Niger (French)
NINNotice of Intent to Negotiate
NINNATO Index Number
NINNaval Integrated Networks
NINNoise-Injection Network
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He quoted the Director-General of NIMC, Aliyu Aziz, as saying that the enrolment of Nigerians in the diaspora was in fulfillment of the NIMC mandate to enrol all Nigerians, legal residents and Nigerians in Diaspora into the National Identity Database (NIDB) and issue them the unique identification number, NIN.
Data for HCV antibody-positive persons who inject drugs who provided their NIN to NSPs during January 1, 2017-December 31, 2018, were linked to the national program treatment database to ascertain the hepatitis C care cascade, which summarizes the sequential steps in care.
Nin said that early in 2014, the village chief borrowed 20 million riel ($4990) from him to build a village hall and promised to pay him back after authorities had allotted the national budget for the village.
The recovery of arm function is therefore disappointing and incomplete," explains researcher Ruben Eggers of the NIN.
Over one hundred years have passed since 1914, when an eleven-year-old Nin began her first diary.
Set in the underground literary worlds of Manhattan and Los Angeles during the sixties and seventies, Tristine charts her coming of age under the guidance of the infamous Anais Nin, who was an icon of the feminist movement and the sexual revolution.
While the most common cause of cranial neuralgia is trigeminal neuralgia, limited data are available on the incidence of NIN. However, NIN is very rare; the number of cases found between 1932 and 2012 was less than 150 (4).
Whether you are selling or buying, a landlord seeking responsible, quality tenants, or a tenant searching for a home, the business is there to help, explained Nin Lalli.
After 11 years of work, the Islamic Republic Sunday unveiled the first stage of its national substitute for the Internet, called the National Information Network (NIN).
The rumors began after an entry on music database ( Discogs , complete with a picture, showed an entry for a song titled "Dive And Slam" and listed NIN as the performer and Reznor as the songwriter.