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Conversely, the cooler and wetter weather in the same region associated with El Nino events would likely become even cooler and even wetter in the future, enhancing associated flood risks.
Manfred Liebel: Usualmente cuando se habla del trabajo infantil o lo que se llama en ingles child labor ocurre que solo se tiene una sola vision, una mirada negativa que significa impedir el desarrollo o la educacion de los ninos. Detras de esto hay un concepto de infancia que surgio hace mas de doscientos anos en el contexto europeo y que, de cierta manera, se asemeja a la instrumentalizacion o al uso de ninos como mano de obra barata.
The historic El Nino event currently shaking up Earth's weather rose like a phoenix from the hot remains of a failed 2014 El Nino, new research suggests.
The researchers found that the models that came closest to simulating long periods of weaker or subdued El Ninos, such as occurred 3,000-5,000 years ago, depicted a large angle between the Earth and the Sun in the 1,000 years beforehand.
This El Nino is so strong a NOAA blog unofficially named it the "Bruce Lee" of El Ninos after the late movie action hero.