NINSNational Institutes of Natural Sciences (Japan)
NINSNational Identification Number System
NINSNational Institute for Newman Studies (Pittsburgh, PA)
NINSNorthern Information Network for Schools (Savelugu)
NINSNational Indigenous News Service (Australia)
NINSNon-Nnvasive Neurovascular Stimulation (Physician Technology, LLC)
NINSNational Institute of Neurosurgery (Hungary)
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The government has started construction of 12-storey new building beside "National Institute of Neurosciences (NIN)" at Agargaon in the city in view of increasing number of neuro patients in the country.
Ana'is Nin, queen of online inspirational quotes, legend of erotic literature still taboo in 2017, unfashionable feminist icon, and autobiographical subject of endlessly emerging, brilliant diaries, has gifted us with another glimpse into her marvelous life.
Over one hundred years have passed since 1914, when an eleven-year-old Nin began her first diary.
Nin's diaries still challenge and astonish today because she was utterly daring.
Though I initially assumed the title Trapeze referred to the ambiguous nature of truth Nin deftly traversed in order to live her multiple lives, in reading the diary it became clear there was much more to this perilous vacillating than I'd supposed.
In the fifth volume of Nin's Unexpurgated Diaries, a mature evolution within Nin's life is revealed.