NINTNational Institute for Nanotechnology (Canada)
NINTNorthwest Institute of Nuclear Technology (Xi'an, Shaanxi, China)
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We anticipate that the organizational structure of NINT will prove challenging to those at the helm.
Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the development of a rational approach for NINT and the U of A to deal with OHS issues in the face of scientific uncertainty about the risks.
Surface imaging techniques such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), available at CanmetENERGY and NINT, generate information about catalytic material on the nanometer length scale.
Recent developments in understanding the behavior of asphaltene molecules in heavy residues, including results derived from quantum chemical simulations at NINT, are creating an enormous interest in developing solvent extraction processes to provide high-quality feedstocks for the production of transportation fuels.
Scientific research being conducted at CanmetENERGY and NINT is examining the ring opening problem from a fundamental perspective.
The Centre occupies the fourth floor of the exisiting NINT building and consists of 15 rental units of combined office and laboratory space.
Advanced research undertaken at NINT, Canada's flagship nanotechnology institute, fosters innovation in support of a new generation of nanotechnology-based firms.
NINT has come to be due to the hard work of a large number of people, and the program of speeches celebrated this foundation while framing the potential of such an institute to continue to build Canada's contribution to the burgeoning field of nanotechnology.
Luckily, no politicians were expected to operate a transmitting electron microscope or any of the other shiny new toys in NINT.
He asked many questions, ranging from "how does the work done at NINT relate to commercialization" to "will nanotechnology help us understand our origin?
Her talk covered Canada's strengths in nanotechnology, a profile of NINT and its relationship with the University of Alberta, and current controversies about nanotechnology.
The acquisition of Clean Link fits nints AlliedSignal's Aerospace activities in the environmental controls area," said Jack Bolick, vice president and general manager of WFG.