NINTNational Institute for Nanotechnology (Canada)
NINTNorthwest Institute of Nuclear Technology (Xi'an, Shaanxi, China)
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Antifungal and antibacterial activity of resin showed enhancement in zones of inhibition as compared to its Schiff base nint and 1 % absorptivity of the new compounds was also estimated.
The Manjack say that male circumcision is the man's loss of virginity (kacium aci bnim nint).
NINT is a unique partnership between the province of Alberta, the U of A and the National Research Council [NRC].
This paper presents the results of a project that has developed a framework and methodology for baseline studies of technology clusters in which the NRC has invested, and which is implementing this approach in two pilot studies: the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) within the Edmonton nanotechnology cluster; and the Aluminium Technology Centre (ATC) within the Saguenay aluminium cluster.
The majority (86.7%) of the sixth graders reported that they spent three or more hours per week "doing activities with their parents," compared with 61.6% of the nint h graders.
Likewise, fledgling survival was independent of fledging date, nestling mass, and lengths of the nint h primary or tarsus (Table 3).
"PokAaAaAeA@mon Sun" and "PokAaAaAeA@mon Moon" are slated for release for the Nint 3DS family of portable gaming system
With Exp family, Nint fitness, iPo tal cam DV meHtpa With Experience Days for the family, Nintendo Wii and Zumba fitness, iPod Touch, iPad 2, digital camera, lap-tops, Blu-ray DVD home entertainment system, 42in 3G HDTV and fashion for the whole family...
Newly planned research activities at CanmetENERGY, in collaboration with scientists from various government laboratories and academic institutions in North America such as the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT), are aimed at developing cost-effective C[O.sub.2] capture technologies that are affordable to oil sands processors and other industries.
We are pleased to report that Lori has been seconded on a part-time basis to NINT, the National Institute for Nanotechnology, where her work is focussed on NELS, the ethical, economic, environmental, legal and social issues surrounding nanotechnology.
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