NIOPDCNational Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company
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Even Asian involvement in the refining sector had been negligible in that period mainly because of IRGC's attitude and because sanctions forced Chinese and Indian firms to decline to participate in projects proposed by NIOPDC and NIOEC.
He said the rate announced by the NIOPDC will serve as benchmark price for the supply.
The official said the NIOPDC follows the most transparent mechanism for sale and export of oil products.
Even Asian involvement in this sector has become negligible because sanctions have forced Chinese and Indian firms to decline to participate in projects proposed by NIOPDC and NIOEC.
Jaafar Salari-Nasab, director of the Kerman zone of NIOPDC, referred to Iran's planned petroleum product exports, saying: "At present, the capacity of petroleum product storage in Kerman area exceeds 700 million liters.
Jet fuel and kerosene export increased to 15,000 tons and 13,500 tons marking a 400 percent and 2,600 percent record respectively," the NIOPDC director said.
Abbas Kazemi, managing director of the National Iranian Oil Production Distribution Company (NIOPDC), told a gathering of senior NIOPDC executives on Thursday that in the current Iranian calendar year which ends on March 20, the company secured stable export of oil products, excluding gasoline, for the first time, shana reported.
Managing-Director of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIOPDC) Abbas Kazemi told a CRS conference here in Tehran on Tuesday that NIOPDC has also planned to provide high quality fuel (Euro-5 gasoline) for all Iranian cities by the end of the 6th five-year development plan (2016-2021), shana reported.
The official, who is also the managing-director of NIOPDC, said the company boosted distribution of euro-4 petrol and gasoil in major cities of the country.
And with finalization of the contract with Iraq, gasoil export to the neighboring country has started," the NIOPDC managing director added.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Coastguards of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) seized an fishing dhow under Indian flag which was smuggling 400,000 liters of gasoil bound to Somalia and confiscated the makeshift vessel's cargo, said director of NIOPDC office in southeastern Chahbahar Port.
In case, NIOPDC manages to absorb $20 billion worth of funds every year, it would be able to attract $100 billion in five years.