NIPDAUNickel-Palladium-Gold (based on the element abbreviations; plating for leads in RoHS compliant electronic components)
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Sense contacts routinely lasted more than 1,000,000 insertions, even when contacting devices using NiPdAu plating, which is much harder than the matte tin plating found on less expensive packages.
Has good pin probability, print release to 0.55 SAR when used with Slic Stencil, and wets to all surface finishes, including OSP, NiAu, NiPdAu, SN100C and HAL.
Nickel-palladium-gold (NiPdAu) lead-frames are not prone to whiskers and have been in common use for over 10 years.
Abstract: The influence of the electroless Pd deposition reaction process and Pd film thickness in electroless NiPdAu plating on solder ball joint reliability was examined.