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The final results of the contest were announced at the closing ceremony, where Mohamed Al Nazlawy from Egypt won the NISTEC award, Tarek Mufty from Morocco topped the NISAC category, and Nayla Khalid from Sudan secured first place in the NIPEC contest.
NIPEC (2006a, p20) recognised, following consultation with focus groups, that novice users of formal reflection required, 'clear guidance on reflection and how to do it'.
NIPEC (2006b, p62), describes self-directed learning as, 'taking charge of your own learning and making it happen'.
* NIPEC's Development Framework (NIPEC 2006b) consists of three user sections with two related to future career developments.
Under the categories of NIPEC and NISEC, the achievers were Akhil Thykkoth (Gold), Ranju Krishnan (Silver) and Sadik Aboobakker (Bronze) and Rami Salah Osman (Gold), Emad Abdullah (Silver) and Jalal Mguildi (Bronze) respectively.
The investigations on NIPECs flocculants, as colloidal dispersions bearing positive or negative charges in excess, which started with the preliminary studies of Kashiki and Suzuki [17, 18] and were developed in the last years [1924], have been concentrated on the use of NIPECs with molar ratio between charges ranged from 0.4 to 0.8.
Preparation of NIPECs. Anionic NIPECs synthetic solutions were prepared in relationships between 0.1 to 2 mg of cationic PE/mg anionic PE.
Within the hybrid materials currently used to improve coagulation-flocculation processes are the nonstoichiometric polyelectrolyte complexes (NIPECs).