NIPINurses in Partnership, Inc
NIPINational Invertebrate Pest Initiative (Australia)
NIPINational Investment Promotions, Inc. (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
NIPINational Institute for Psychobiology in Israel (est. 1971)
NIPINew Innovative Products, Inc. (Pine Level, NC; est. 1994)
NIPINutritional-Inflammatory Prognostic Indices
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In addition to the NIPI, changes in the intensity and frequency of broad-scale subsidence over the North Island sector are evaluated with dry day analysis, defined as less than one millimeter of rain accumulation over a 24-hour period (WMO 2010).
He had followed its life from a tiny green thing no bigger than a marble to its present gleaming ripeness, and for Nipi, the orange had grown from a private anticipation to an earned reward for patient nurture.
But hetero NIPI's electrons are trapped within its I layers -- in what are called quantum wells.
There are now more than fifty active core members coordinating the work of Pimatisiwin Nipi. Though Pikangikum is still the main focus of the work, there is a growing interest in related advocacy and education.
Many Choctaws were convinced by missionaries to speak English exclusively, to answer to English names, to stop participating in traditional religious ceremonies, including certain burial practices, to stop using the services of the alikchi (Choctaw physicians) and the hattak fullish nipi foni (bone-pickers) who removed flesh from the deceased after they had decayed for months on a scaffold.
Through the National Youth Project, Anglican and Lutheran youth have participated in the Right to Water program, which is raising money in partnership with the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) and the Pimatisiwin Nipi (Living Water) group to help provide potable water to homes in Pikangikum.
They boiled the nita nia (bear fat) and nita nipi (bear flesh) and then stored it in deer bladders or plugged deer heads.
Grassroots Anglican group Pimatisiwin Nipi (Oji-Cree for "Living Water") has been working in conjunction with other partners such as the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), the Pikangikum First Nation Working Group (PFNWG), Frontier Foundations and the Pikangikum First Nation itself to provide water to the community of roughly 450 households, 430 of which lack indoor plumbing.