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Speaking at the closing ceremony, Lt Gen Naweed Zaman, HI (M), (Retd), Rector NUST, congratulated the participants of the NIPIS programme on successful completion of their internship.
Highlighting NUST's coveted position among the world's elite Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), he encouraged the participants of the NIPIS, IAESTE and AIESEC programmes to join NUST for their MS and PhD studies in any of the programmes being offered in an array of disciplines.
It is proven by the great achievement in the number of students in Standar 1, 2 and 3 in Sekolah Kebangsaan Buluh Nipis in mastering construct (K1-K2) which have been stated by Ministry of Education, Malaysia.
Table 1: The number of achievements before and after the application of ILCA among Orang Asli in Sekolah Kebangsaan Buluh Nipis. TAHUN 2017 UJIAN SARINGAN 1 dan 2 (TAHUN 1) Bil Tahap Nama Bil.
The final arrangement was that King Chulalongkorn was to be offered one-tenth of Raman revenues or Straits $5000 per annum, and if Betong and Padang Limau Nipis were definitely to be included, the Raja of Raman $30,000 and the Governor of Songkhla $10,000.
ISLAMABAD -- With a view to promoting global diversity, mutual growth and cultural exchange opportunities, NUST's signature Internship Programme for International Students - NIPIS '19 - has kicked off at the university's Islamabad campus.
The Filipino version was made of nipis, any sheer material made of native cotton, pina, imported silk or jusi (from China), worn untucked over a salawal or ankle-length pants.
C 439 057, Bogor Kelensuak, D 370, 398 (K)ensuak 440 355 Bogor Kelili E,H 441 WTM Sibau Ci,E 442 Nipis kulit Ci,E 443 Paregi Cii 444 518 Bogor Keranjik C tikus 445 Nyatuh, Ci (Sebalpau) 446 Nyatuh E durian 447 Nyatuh E nangka 448 Pudu Cii 449 348, 486 Bogor Libang Bi 450 WoR ?