NIPLECCNational Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordination Council
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Recent GAO testimony points out some of the problems associated with NIPLECC, including an absence of mission, dearth of activities, and poor image among businesses.
The act, among other provisions, replaces NIPLECC with an Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC).
In contrast to NIPLECC, GAO interviews with agency officials suggest that STOP
The FDA is not a part of NIPLECC, but is a participant in
repeal the mandate for NIPLECC and create a new body called the
difference between IPEN and NIPLECC would be that the head of IPEN would
However, it does not specify what the establishment of a new interagency body would imply for the status of NIPLECC.
8 billion Administering patent and trademark applications; policy guidance; training and technical assistance NIPLECC $900,000 Interagency IPR enforcement coordination Department of $2.
Although NIPLECC and STOP originated under different authorities, the lines between them have become increasingly blurred.