NIPONavy International Programs Office
NIPONational Intellectual Property Organization (New Delhi, India)
NIPONetherlands Industrial Property Office (patents; Netherlands)
NIPONorwegian Industrial Property Office (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
NIPONetherlands Institute for Public Opinion
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For the NIPO variable, the months when there were no initial public offers were considered as zero rather than missing values, for we consider that months with no IPOs (that is, zero) provide important information for this study as they signal that at this specific moment corporate managers were not optimistic about the market and, therefore, none of them chose to offer stocks.
Instituto Geografico Nacional, NIPO 162-05-012-2, iSbN 84-9810436-X, Deposito Legal M-20788-2005.
Os autores agradecem o apoio da Fundacao de Apoio a Ciencia e Tecnologia do Espirito Santo- FAPES,por concederrecursos financeiros para bolsas de estudo, e a Empresa Celulose Nipo Brasileira --CENIBRA S.
The modified-clay technology that IMRE is developing can potentially enhance the heat insulation and UV protection when applied to building surfaces", said Ms Amanda Khoo, Director of Nipo International Pte Ltd.
Sin embargo, en esta investigacion se pudo constatar que l a varicble tiene alta prevalencia y (que los tipos mas frecuentes son el canal anterior con confluencia, seguido del nipo retromolar.
NIPO study slams MNCs' claim that the Act is a barrier to new drug discoveries
NIPO built its CPI Program around Lean Six Sigma (LSS) principles, emphasizing Lean efforts to improve cycle time and reduce costs in its transactional processes and focusing on eliminating variation with Six Sigma.
In the Netherlands, which has 2,200 troops in Afghanistan, only 33 percent supported the recent deployment of additional troops, according to a January 2006 poll by market-research firm TNS NIPO.
15) In the Netherlands, a recent survey by TNS Nipo revealed that more than one-third of Dutch merchants--in particular small merchants--still only accept cash (MOB, 2007, p.
In a study by Dutch pollster TNS NIPO, 69% of respondents said they would not miss Talpa if it went off the air.
2) Este dato esta tomado de la publicacion electronica del Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales, NIPO 201-04-014-X ISSN: 1577-189 X, 14 de octubre de 2004, Madrid.