NIPPSNASA Integrated Payroll/Personnel Systems
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Input parameter of cut-and-cover method using diaphragm walls model Parameter Description NS Number of segments in tunnel zone NGWPS Number of guide walls per segment NDWPS Number of dewatering wells per segment NDWPGW Number of diaphragm wall trenches per each guide wall NDW Total number of reinforced diaphragm wall trenches (without cutting wall) NDP Total number of dewatering well points NIPPS Number of injecting points per segment NGWPCW Number of guide walls in each cutting wall NTSS Number of tunnel top slab segments NBSS Number of tunnel bottom slab segments NRTSS Number of un-casted tunnel top slab segments A Lag between the third and fifth processes (represented by number of segments) B Lag between the fifth and sixth processes (represented by number of segments) Table 4.
Jawad Paul presently posted at NIPPS Lahore has replaced Tariq Peerzada as Chief Commissioner Islamabad.